“It’s amazing that the amount of news that happens in the world every day always just exactly fits the newspaper” Well said, Jerry Seinfeld.

A newspaper is now not enough to have all the news the world has, at least all the relevant ones. But a website is the best source to get the latest breaking news from around the world.

We understand the importance of news and media in the society and aims to abide by all the standards as expected by the Press.

Delegate News uses the opportunity to publish news to gather information about worldwide issues and then engrosses itself to find an adequate solution to these problems in the hope that these might gain the attention of concerned authorities all with the objective of leaving this world better than when we found it.

Our objectives include the tasks of promoting news about the technology, gadgets, science, business, finance, sports, health and other daily news updates to our users.

We live in a world where technologies get invented every day and relevant information about such invention should be provided as news to our audience well in time for it to be viable to them. We understand these parameters and work day and night to bring forth the news to you as early as possible.

The daily news is the only substantial material human beings concern themselves with even though it is not personal to them. In a way, the news makes us care about stuff that is going on in the world and may or may not concern us. Even then we want news like we want our morning beverages. Hence, Delegate News takes on the task of providing the latest news from the fields of science, technology, business, finance, sports, and health.

Delegate News also gives its users a social platform to engross themselves in the stories we publish. We provide them with ample content like videos, reviews, comments by eminent personalities and other information just so that the user can actually manifest the situation as it is on the field.

We make sure our user stays informed and that is the first and foremost function of any organizational body that takes on the task of providing news.

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